One of the major reasons why projects fail and clients are frustrated with the end product of software project is miscommunication right from the start.

The start of the project is the brief, what the client expects to end product to achieve. Here’s how to get it right.

Why you need to write a great brief for your Agency/Developer?

A bad brief can lead to

  • Miscommunication about the project objectives/outcomes
  • Developers missing out crucial features needed to solve your business problem
  • Poor estimations of time and cost of the project

A good brief

• Attract better quality proposals from better quality developers
• Ensures all your business goals are considered and solutions provided for

Do’s and Don’ts

• Don’t list features instead focus on what you want to achieve with the website as it relates to your business objectives for example: We would like more sign ups
• Don’t offer solutions, this is what you are hiring the Agency/Developers to provide
• Don’t list technical jargon
• Don’t copy paste from another organization/internet this will lead to generic and vague proposals

Questions you should consider when writing your brief?

• What is the value of the project to your business?
• What is the outcome that would leave you satisfied? KPI, ROI
• What are you competitors doing that your developer/agency can help you do better than them?
• What are objectives/reasons of undertaking this project? What is going right and wrong in your business that lead you to this decision.