Caribbean Airlines Hello Caribbean Landing page

In order to increase sales of tickets by Caribbean travellers to Caribbean Destinations. Caribbean Airlines embarked on a campaign to encourage travel by Caribbean people to explore their Caribbean region by offering miles rewards.

The campaign utilized both traditional media (a series of full page newspaper ads) and digital media (paid search, social media posts, online ads, email campaign, landing page).

The audience was Caribbean Airlines Miles program members. The promotion ran for 3 weeks.

I created a landing page to educate travelers on the two promotions Double Miles where you get earn 2x the miles when you book travel to specific Caribbean Destinations with Caribbean Airlines and Fly with Fewer Miles where you spend 10% less miles when you book travel to those same destination.

The goals of the landing page were to:

  • Educate traveler of the specifics of the promotion
  • Allow travellers to calculate the miles they would earn if they booked during the promotion period to reinforce the action of booking now
  • Facilitate booking a trip
  • If the visitor was not a Miles Program member to encourage sign up
  • Visitors to share the promotion with their friends and family on their social media network


Overall the campaign resulted in a 60% increase in bookings to Caribbean Destinations

9.6% of sessions resulted in conversions

The landing page garnered 12000+ users with 18000+ page views

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